haug quality equipment locationSince 1995, Haug Quality Equipment has been providing package leak detectors, leak testers for products/ packages and quality assurance equipment. Headquartered in Reno, Nevada, our equipment is made in the USA and sold worldwide.

We started as a manufacturer of automated tray sealing equipment for the fresh-cut fruit and vegetable industry. In our quest to build high-quality equipment, we developed the Pack-Vac line of leak detectors to check a seal’s integrity of the packages produced by our machines.

Our clients began purchasing them to check their packaging machines and the Pack-Vac leak detector soon became a standard quality control method for fresh-cut produce, coffee, meat, cheese, pharmaceuticals, surgical devices and hundreds of other applications.

Haug Quality Equipment will always be the worldwide leader in leak detectors by continuing to develop new and innovative electronic control systems and methods for leak detection and package integrity testing. Our research and development result in superior products in which we take pride.