Altitude Simulation Test – Is Your Product’s Packaging Durable?

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “take the high road,” before. While that holds a metaphorical meaning, you can physically drive several high elevation roads right here in America. According to Geotab, Colorado’s Mount Evans Scenic Byway stands at 14,132 feet, New Mexico’s Forest Trail 124 to Cerro Vista stands at 11,957 feet and California’s White Mountain Road stands at 11,883 feet. Climbing higher in elevation offers great views, but the downside lies in high altitude shipping. As a company that sells your product nationwide or worldwide, your product’s packaging needs to stand tall against the pressure that high altitude brings.

altitude simulation test

Can Your Packaging Handle the Pressure?

Product packaging is important for brands all around the world. Brands adapt to consumer needs whether it calls for changing the packaging design, adding convenience features or switching to environmentally friendly material.

In 2019, L.E.K. conducted a Brand Owner Packaging Study, “with 250 brand owners across the consumer packaged goods spectrum including food, beverage, pet products, healthcare and personal care. A full 90% of brand owners say that packaging is important to their brand’s success.” Keep in mind, most of this importance is driven by the factors mentioned above (convenience, design, material). However, with the frequent changes to old packaging and the introduction of new packaging, testing for durability is crucial.

Package Strength Testing for High Altitudes

Package integrity is put to the test in high altitude environments. Trains, trucks and planes all pass through areas of high altitude, causing an imbalance between the internal and external pressure of your product’s packaging. Food, beverages, medicines and pharmaceuticals need to be especially careful to ensure their package’s integrity to avoid ruining their products.

Haug Leak Detection helps you guarantee that your packaging system is dependable once it leaves your facility. Our Pack-Vac Package Leak Detectors perform a variety of ASTM test methods for detecting leaks and seal integrity like ASTM D6653 standard test method for determining the effects of high altitude on packaging systems by vacuum method.

Give us a call at (775) 455-4249 and visit our website to learn more about the superior quality of our leak detectors. We can help give your brand the freedom to explore new packaging while maintaining quality and strength in wherever your product travels. We make taking the high road easier and safer to accomplish.