Ensure Products Have Strong Packaging and Seals with Haug Quality’s Package Leak Detectors

Not sure if finished products’ packaging or seals are tough enough to withstand altitude changes, pressure changes, intense heat or cold? Haug Quality offers testing equipment that conducts packaging seals tests, vacuum seal test, bubble emission testing and other package seal integrity testing that many household brands have used to ensure their products arrive to consumers undamaged, uncontaminated, fresh and guaranteed to be safe to use or consume.

Our packaging seal integrity testing equipment has been used in various industries from medical/pharmaceutical, food/confectionary, clothing and other consumer goods. We guarantee that any defect in product packaging will be identified, which can potentially save businesses and fortune 500 companies massive capital on product runs that have faulty seals before they leave their facilities.

Haug Quality’s signature Pack-Vac® Electronic Controller with altitude simulation and Pack-Vac® package leak detectors are equipped to find all product seal and packaging defects to ensure quality control for products seals.

We have built a stellar reputation as the top source for this type of testing equipment and have been entrusted by names like Amazon, Dole, Johnson & Johnson, Nestle and other major brands. Many have tried to imitate our testing equipment, but we are the originators who still lead the industry when it comes to product seal testing equipment.

Haug Quality continues to innovate and improve our testing equipment and stands by our unparalleled quality. We understand the importance of finding compromised product packaging seals, seams or closures before it cascades into a large and costly error for companies. This can not only effect a company’s bottomline, it can lead to irreparable damage to a brand’s image and reputation.

Invest in our seal integrity testing equipment and have peace of mind knowing that if a product’s seal is faulty, our equipment is guaranteed to find it immediately.

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