Haug Quality, ensuring products are sealed securely during COVID-19

At Haug Quality, we understand the need to make sure a manufacturer’s products arrive safely to a customer without any compromised seals on the package. This is especially important given the current and ongoing global pandemic from the COVID-19 virus. In these uncertain times customers expect when they receive a product they order, it will be sealed securely to stave off and potential contamination. Businesses want to be sure that the machines they are using to seal packages are effective while products are in transit.

To make sure the seals on products keep there integrity, use the package integrity testing equipment that many fortune 500 companies trust from Haug Quality. Our reputation is unsurpassed and our products are far superior to our competitors as we were the innovators within the market.

Our patented Pack-Vac® Leak Detectors help companies guarantee to its customers the packaging system they use are dependable. Our package leak detection devices are the industry standard and the quality that goes into producing has allowed us the be the most trusted among the most trusted brands.

Our Pack-Vac® Leak Detectors will detect sealing problems before they snowball, thus improving production yield and less downtime for machinery adjustments, which can be costly to any company’s bottom line. Additionally, it will give consumers the confidence that when they receive the end product that it will arrive safely, undamaged and uncontaminated.

The Pack-Vac® package leak detection and testing equipment has been used not only by companies like Amazon, Starbucks and Pepsi, it has been trusted by medical supplying companies further boosting our reputation as the most trusted source in the industry.

There are many applications our package leak detection devices can test for including:

  • Bakery Packaging
  • Coffee & Dairy Packaging
  • Confectionery & Snacks Packaging
  • Fruit & Vegetable Packaging
  • Frozen Food Packaging
  • Meat Packaging
  • Medical & Pharma Packaging
  • Pasta & Grains Packaging
  • Pet Food Packaging
  • Seafood Packaging

To learn more about our innovative package leak detectors like the Pack-Vac® call at 775-455-4249 or request a quote online here.