VC-10 Controller

Standard industrial vacuum regulators just don’t work as a simple solution for vacuum control. The regulators are cumbersome to set, have tiny screens, and small fragile membrane buttons that are hard to operate with gloved hands. We recognized this at Haug and spent 2 years developing a vacuum controller to solve the issues with off the shelf vacuum regulators. We designed our own hardware, electronics, and programming to come up with a simple, reliable, repeatable vacuum control. Our new Pack-Set vacuum controller is a perfect enhancement for the Pack-Vac® line of leak detectors.

  • Eliminate manual vacuum adjustments
  • Change vacuum and test times in seconds- great for multiple package sizes
  • Test times are consistent and observation times are reliable between operators
  • Large buttons- easy to operate with gloved hands
  • Easy to read display
  • Significant energy savings compared to manual operation
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