Packaging Testing Equipment for Products Seals Available at Haug Quality

At Haug Quality is the most trusted when it comes to package leak detector, bubble leak test equipment and package integrity testing equipment. Our Pack-Vac® package leak detectors guarantee businesses will send products to consumers with strong seals with an unbroken packaging. From the food industry, medial industry and others with similar applications, our package seal testing equipment will give companies an assurance that their packaging is effective and will arrive to their destinations with uncompromised seals. The Pack-Vac® leak detectors will catch defects before products get shipped out to customers, guaranteed. Many fortune 500 companies trust our bubble testing leak detection products and package leak detectors to test product packaging and seals before being sent off for distribution.

There are multiple packaging testing methods for different applications to ensure closures, seals and seams will keep their integrity under different environmental conditions and when traveling at different altitudes. The seal integrity test methods may vary, however, our products can address any type of package seal test that is needed for a multitude of different applications including:

• Determination of Leaks in Flexible Packaging by Bubble Emission | ASTM D3078 Standard Test Method
• Determining the Effects of High Altitude on Packaging Systems by Vacuum Method | ASTM D6653 Standard Test Methods
• Performance Testing of Shipping Containers and Systems | ASTM D4169 Standard Practice
• Leakage Testing of Empty Rigid Containers by Vacuum Method | ASTM D4991 Standard Test Method
• Gross Leakage of Liquids from Containers with Threaded or Lug-Style Closures | ASTM D5094 Standard Test Methods
• Detecting Gross Leaks in Packaging by Internal Pressurization (Bubble Test) | ASTM F2096 Standard Test Method

Among the name brand companies that use our leak testing products are Johnson & Johnson, Amazon, Starbucks, Nestle, Kraft Dole and Pepsi just to name a few. For many years, these and other companies have recognized how dependable our package leak detectors and testing equipment are when it comes to making sure product seals are strong and will not become compromised during transit before a customer can enjoy them.

Our clients rave that package leak testing equipment has given consistent shelf life for many clients product, which has allowed them to extend their market reach because our testing products guarantee the freshness of delivered goods. We designed our own hardware, electronics and programming to come up with a simple, reliable and reputable products when compared to our competitors testing equipment.

To join the top brands that have used our package leak detection products, contact us online for a consultation, request a quote online, or give us a call at (775) 455.4249