Vacuum Leak Testing for Packaging

As a popular testing method for a variety of items and systems, vacuum leak detection is an effective way to test your company’s packaging. Checking the seal integrity on your packaging helps to avoid any unfortunate surprises in conditions like high altitude freighting.

According to CBRE, “whereas the traditional return rate for goods purchased in stores is roughly 8 percent, the rate for online purchases ranges from 15 to 30 percent, depending on the merchandise category.” Consumers return items for a variety of reasons, but part of this gap between brick and mortars and online retailers lies in product damage.

Vacuum Chamber Leak Detection

While some businesses choose to use a lab for testing, having your own vacuum chamber equipment and testing yourself is quite straight forward and can be a more cost-effective solution in the long run.

How do vacuum chambers work?

An enclosed chamber is used to hold your test package (either partially filled with water or done dry) and the vacuum device creates a pressurized environment to detect if a leak is present. Leaks will present themselves in the form of bubbles.

Burst strength testing can be done without putting water in the chamber. The same process is done, and this method is especially useful for testing how your packaging would fare under air freight conditions. The change in pressure is important to measure and monitor before your packages go out for delivery. In this way, you can ensure precautions have been taken on your end to protect your product.

vacuum chamber for leak testing

package leak detection

Vacuum Leak Testing Equipment

Haug Quality Equipment’s Pack-Vac Package Leak Detectors allow the user to perform a vacuum test in less than 30 seconds. Its easy to use and comes in eight production sizes or we can craft a custom size to meet your specifications.

Our vacuum leak testers support those in various industries such as bakeries, coffee & dairy, confectionery & snacks, fruits and vegetables, frozen foods, meats, medical & pharma, pasta & grains, pet foods and seafoods. We’ve been supplying companies with leak detectors, leak testers and quality assurance equipment for over 23 years.

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