2021 Pack Expo Recap

Haug Quality was present at the 2021 PACK EXPO convention in Las Vegas, NV with a booth at the show to showcase a line up of package leak detectors and our electronic controllers. It was the first PACK EXPO convention held since the cancelation of last year’s trade show due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was apparent that there was less traffic flow of convention goers compared to previous years. Regardless, it was a still a successful event for Haug.

“The quality of the leads appeared to be better, but we don’t rely on them for business,” said Tom Hoffman, Vice President of Sales and Technical Director for Haug Quality.”We are unique in that we don’t always see huge returns from a trade show. So why do it then? Well, I believe that our customers that walk the show and see us reminds them that we are still in business and thriving. We have many customers that just walk up to say ‘I use your leak detectors and they are built well and are awesome.'”

Hoffman said that in Haug’s niche industry, market presence is a good thing to have in order to maintain its stellar reputation as the leader in leak detection equipment in products, package leak detectors, bubble leak test equipment and package integrity testing equipment. He added that it was a great opportunity to network and build relationships with other companies for potential business opportunities and ventures in the future.

Haug Quality gave a limited preview to some select customers of a new unit still in development to generate some interest. Its new patented leak detection system is being designed to provide a new way to have effective, consistent detection with products that do not have a consistent level of headspace. Hoffman said within the select group that were able to preview the new unit gave good responses and showed signs of interest in it once it becomes available.

Until then, Haug Qulaity continues to offer reliable and industry leading package leak detection equipment and bubble leak testing equipment, which is available now. So if looking to test out a products seal and determine if packaging is strong enough to stay unbroken during shipping and transit, choose our testing equipment that is most trusted by the big name brands like Amazon, Starbucks and Pepsi.

To learn more about our product offerings give us a call at 775.455.4249 or request a quote online now.