Haug Quality’s Product Seal Testing Equipment is the Most Trusted

At Haug Quality, we specialize in testing equipment that detects weak points in product packaging and seals. Our patented Pack-Vac® leak detectors will catch defects before products get shipped out to customers, guaranteed.

We offer multiple packaging testing methods for different applications to ensure closures, seals and seams will keep their integrity under different environmental conditions and when traveling at different altitudes. The seal integrity test methods may vary, however, our products can address any type of package seal test that is needed for a multitude of different applications.

Our package leak detectors, bubble leak test equipment and package integrity testing equipment are guaranteed to find weaknesses in product packaging seals, this is why many major named brands like Amazon, Starbucks, Nestle and many more trust Haug Quality’s testing products.

Our testing equipment can help save money, prevent loss of products, and help brand reputation as consumers can have a peace of mind that their purchased product will arrive in protected and seal packaging to ensure fresh and uncontaminated goods.

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