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Packaging Testing Equipment for Products Seals Available at Haug Quality

At Haug Quality is the most trusted when it comes to package leak detector, bubble leak test equipment and package integrity testing equipment. Our Pack-Vac® package leak detectors guarantee businesses will send products to consumers with strong seals with an unbroken packaging. From the food industry, medial industry and others with similar applications, our package […]

Ensure Products Have Strong Packaging and Seals with Haug Quality’s Package Leak Detectors

Not sure if finished products’ packaging or seals are tough enough to withstand altitude changes, pressure changes, intense heat or cold? Haug Quality offers testing equipment that conducts packaging seals tests, vacuum seal test, bubble emission testing and other package seal integrity testing that many household brands have used to ensure their products arrive to […]

Test Product Seals with the Best Equipment in the Industry from Haug Quality

Haug Quality brings the best package seal test available to the industry. Since 1995, Haug Quality has been leading the industry with our signature and patented Pack Vac leak detector. Not only do we offer the seal test, Haug provides vacuum seal test, bubble testing emission testing and other package seal integrity testing. Many fortune […]
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The Industry Leading Product Seal Leak Testing Equipment From Haug Quality

Haug Quality understands that protecting a company’s final product before it arrives to a customer is a top priority. Haug Quality Equipment makes this easy with our industry leading Pack-Vac Package Leak Detectors. These package leak detectors allow the user to perform a vacuum test in less than 30 seconds. For most packages, the unit […]

Haug Quality Guarantees to Find Product Seal Defects

If looking to add quality control for product packaging applications, Haug’s Pack-Vac® Electronic Controller with altitude simulation and Pack-Vac® package leak detectors are equipped to get the job done right every time to ensure quality control for products. Haug Quality’s package leak detectors and bubble leak test equipment can be used to perform a variety […]

Haug Quality, the Most Trusted Source for Leak Detection Testing Equipment for Product Seals

Haug Quality provides the most reliable testing equipment to detect leaks and the strength of product packaging for a number of different products. Whether looking to improve the integrity of a seal on a product, perform leak detection on packaging or conduct an altitude test for product seals, no other company is more trusted than […]

Making sure Product Seals are Strong Enough to Withstand High Heat Environments is Easy with Haug Quality

With summer heat quickly approaching, it means temperatures are rising and the roads pavements are hotter, which also make the freighters shipping products are under intense heat. Some product packaging may not be strong enough to stay sealed in these extreme environments and having to lose some product before they reach their destination is not […]

Vacuum Leak Testing for Packaging

As a popular testing method for a variety of items and systems, vacuum leak tests and detection equipment is an effective way to test any company’s packaging. Checking the seal integrity on packaging helps avoid any unfortunate surprises in conditions like high altitude freighting or compromised packaging materials. In today’s climate with the ongoing COVID-19 […]

Altitude Simulation Test – Is Your Product’s Packaging Durable?

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “take the high road,” before. While that holds a metaphorical meaning, you can physically drive several high elevation roads right here in America. According to Geotab, Colorado’s Mount Evans Scenic Byway stands at 14,132 feet, New Mexico’s Forest Trail 124 to Cerro Vista stands at 11,957 feet and California’s White […]