Test Product Seals with the Best Equipment in the Industry from Haug Quality

Haug Quality brings the best package seal test available to the industry. Since 1995, Haug Quality has been leading the industry with our signature and patented Pack Vac leak detector. Not only do we offer the seal test, Haug provides vacuum seal test, bubble testing emission testing and other package seal integrity testing.

Many fortune 500 companies have entrusted Haug Maintenance to provide the leading package leak testing equipment available in the industry. Some of those brand giants include Amazon, Starbucks, Johnson & Johnson, Dole and Tyson just to name a few.

Our package seal integrity testing equipment is designed to expose weaknesses within packaging when coming off production lines. It can help identify some critical errors in the packaging process, see if products can withstand altitude changes when being freighted over mountain passes and ultimately assure that products sealed will be undamaged when arriving to retail locations or customers.

Our test is simple to use. We have user friendly gauges and operating systems that make testing products seals effortless. These package leak detectors allow the user to perform a vacuum test in less than 30 seconds. For most packages, the unit is partly filled with water for the test (burst strength tests can be done dry). Simply drop in a sealed package, close the lid and engage the vacuum device. Not only is it easy, more importantly our highly effective package leak detectors, bubble leak test equipment, bubble emission testing equipment are the industry standard in catching packaging seal defects.

Our testing equipment has many applications and can test product packaging for industries that sell clothing, food, confectionary medical and pharmaceutical products. From something as low stakes as clothing packages to medical instruments or pharmaceutical products like prescription drugs where packaging seals are critical, we guarantee that our testing equipment will show how strong or weak a product’s seal is.

In today’s marketplace, customers can make or break a company’s reputation pretty fast. Sending products with weak seals not only makes for bad customer service, it will impact a brand’s image and can ultimately hurt sales. Investing in Haug Quality’s package integrity testing equipment will help out companies in the long run develop trust and brand loyalty.

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