A look ahead to 2021

Here at Haug Quality, we had a tremendous year despite challenges from COVID-19. We were fortunate to continue to operate during the major shutdowns that took place and experienced a strong sales year despite the uncertainty and economic downturn. Not only were sales above average, our success was noticed by local media in Reno, Nevada. Northern Nevada Business Weekly wrote an article highlighting the company’s success and can be viewed online here.  After taking a chance and moving all operations to Northern Nevada, it paid off handsomely and business is still booming.

Since moving into our 17,000-square-foot facility, orders keep coming in, sales have steadily climbed and the future outlook for Haug is promising. Our strategy for 2021 will hopefully attract new business ventures and clients to help continue our momentum and upward trajectory. If things go according to plan, we may need to add some employees to our small and dedicated staff to keep up with demand.

Not everything has gone according to plan, however. We initially planned to showcase and launch new product offerings at the 2020 Pack Expo Show, but because of the outbreak, that was cancelled like most things in 2020. Despite losing the opportunity to introduce the new products to the industry, we have secured the patent for our new testing product including one with an electronic control system test that can simulate altitude for scenarios such as a semi-trailer truck going over the mountains or an airplane flight. More details will come later this year so stay tuned.

In closing, Haug Quality has been fortunate to be able to experience the success we have earned and are motivated to be able to continue to be the leaders in the industry with our package leak detectors. We understand that making sure products arrive to customers in tact and uncompromised, especially considering the nature of this once in a lifetime pandemic. Our testing equipment has been essential to many companies to ensure those packaging seal’s integrity are strong and will not be broken when reaching its final destination.

We will continue to improve, innovate and remain leaders within the industry. We appreciate all of our loyal clients, both newcomers and those who have trusted us for years. Our commitment to be at the cutting edge of package leak testing equipment is our priority and our new products will be a testament to that promise.

As always, we are open for business and our staff is standing by to assist with any inquiries. Give us a call today at (775) 455-4249 and visit our website to see why Haug Quality Equipment is the superior choice for leak testing equipment.