Haug Quality, Ensuring Products Seals are Strong ahead of the Holiday Season

Companies and vendors looking to test the integrity of your products for the upcoming holiday season, look no further than the industry leading Haug Leak Detection products.

To avoid any compromise in any products seals, which is especially important for companies moving products across the nation during this busy holiday rush, utilizing our leak detection testing equipment will save time and money and give you confidence that your products will make it to their destinations without any problems. Our Pack-Vac Leak Detectors guarantee the seals on product offerings will stay intact and arrive to customers safely and giving companies peace of mind that once it leaves the facility.

These simple, reliable and cost effective package leak detectors perform a vacuum test in less than 30 seconds for an easy, but most importantly, highly effective test in catching packaging defects. With a 360 degree view of the test, it is effortless to conduct the test and even easier to maintain and clean. With various stock sizes, testing any product’s seal whether big or small is no problem with our Pack-Vac Leak detectors.

Issues that can arise from defective packaging such as packaging material compatibility, sealing machine set-up and seal reliability in high altitude trucking and airfreight are just some of the production variables that need to be taken into account for any business shipping products that depend on seals to keep freshness or stave off contamination. Quality assurance is a top priority in our evolving consumer markets as more people are opting for shipped products because of the global pandemic. With that in mind, no one wants to receive damaged or leaking goods. Sending  products that have a compromised package seal can adversely affect any businesses’ online reputation, sales and potential growth.

Our vacuum leak testers support those in various industries such as bakeries, coffee & dairy, confectionery & snacks, fruits and vegetables, frozen foods, meats, medical & pharma, pasta & grains, pet foods and seafoods. We’ve been supplying major brands and other various companies with leak detectors, leak testers and quality assurance equipment for more than 23 years. Because of our reliable products

Whether your concerns are seal integrity, leak detection, or package development, we have a solution for you.

Give us a call today at (775) 455-4249 to learn more about our product offerings or request a quote online now and put your packaging to the test!