Haug Quality, the Most Trusted Source for Leak Detection Testing Equipment for Product Seals

Haug Quality provides the most reliable testing equipment to detect leaks and the strength of product packaging for a number of different products. Whether looking to improve the integrity of a seal on a product, perform leak detection on packaging or conduct an altitude test for product seals, no other company is more trusted than Haug Quality with its original Pack-Vac® package leak testing equipment.

Don’t believe it? Many top brands have trusted our testing equipment to ensure there are no compromised seals in their products before they arrive to customers. Brands like Starbucks, Amazon, Kraft, Johnson & Johnson and Nestle are a few of the fortune 500 companies that rely on our testing equipment to make sure their product seals are strong and will not break before arriving to customers. Our unmatched package seal integrity test equipment can be used to test an array of food and beverage packaging. Common applications include baked goods, produce, dairy and other packaged food products. Testing is also available for medical and pharmaceutical packaging, as well as packaging that needs to meet strict standards for sanitization and sterilization.

The leak detection testing equipment from Haug Quality are dependable, effective and essential to any company that wants to ensure a strong seal on their products. Our company prides in delivering the industry leading package leak detection equipment to our clients. Our innovative package leak detection system is suited for a wide range of packaging applications and types. From packaged food to medical and pharmaceutical products, our package leak detector testing equipment can ensure products packaging is sealed properly and with integrity.

Investing in package integrity testing equipment will help out companies in the long run develop trust and brand loyalty. Ensuring quality in a product’s packaging does a lot for any brand’s image and is a big factor on how a company is portrayed by consumers. Our package leak detector and other product seal testing equipment are always improving to meet the ever evolving needs of companies shipping sealed products and goods across the globe.

To join the many profitable giants that trust our testing equipment, give us a call today at (775) 455-4249 to learn more about our product offerings or request a quote online now and put your packaging to the test!