Looking for Water Intrusion Testing Equipment? Look No Further!

Haug Quality Equipment has been providing leak detectors, leak testers, and quality assurance equipment for some of the top producers of major name-brand products since 1995. Our mission with our leak detection products is to continue to provide one of the industry’s finest water intrusion testing equipment and other gear to ensure products are adequately protected by the manufacturers’ packing material. Some of our clients who have used our water intrusion testing equipment and other products include:

  • Starbucks
  • Amazon
  • Pepsi
  • Nestle
  • Kraft
  • Johnson & Johnson and other major brands

Why Use Haug Quality Equipment’s Products?

It is simple, Haug Quality Equipment continues to be the leading supplier of leak detectors, leak testers and quality assurance equipment. Since developing the Pack-Vac line of leak detectors to examine product seals, including water intrusion testing equipment, the industry took notice immediately.

Once our clients began purchasing our equipment to test their packaging machines and integrity of the products packaging, the Pack-Vac leak detector soon became the standard quality control method across the industry for fresh-cut produce, coffee, meat, cheese, pharmaceuticals, surgical devices and hundreds of other applications.

Trust us, after using our proven and effective testing equipment, you will look no further when it comes to water intrusion testing equipment, leak detectors, leak testers, and quality assurance equipment.

For those looking to have peace of mind trusting that our Pac-Vac package leak will ensure that your products are sealed correctly and ready to be used by consumers, contact us and we can give you a quick quote or give us a call at (775) 455-4249.