Making sure Product Seals are Strong Enough to Withstand High Heat Environments is Easy with Haug Quality

With summer heat quickly approaching, it means temperatures are rising and the roads pavements are hotter, which also make the freighters shipping products are under intense heat.

Some product packaging may not be strong enough to stay sealed in these extreme environments and having to lose some product before they reach their destination is not only bad for business, but also for any company’s bottom line. To make sure products leave distribution centers and the seal is able to withstand the high heat environments, whether it is by plane or through freighter vehicles on the road, use our leak detection testing equipment for peace of mind to ensure customers receive their products intact and ensuring profit losses stay at low levels.

Ensuring a product’s seal integrity is not compromised and will make it through transit with no issues, use the Haug Quality patented Pack-Vac® Leak Detectors that test packages seal and leak detection. Our Pack-Vac are the industry standard that is trusted among the most popular brands across the food and medical industry. Many fortune 500 companies including Amazon, Johnson & Johnson and Starbucks, have trusted Haug Quality’s package leak detection products for product seal integrity for years. The Pack-Vac package leak detectors allow users to perform a vacuum test in less than 30 seconds. It’s easy to use and comes in eight production sizes with custom sizes available by request to meet any and all specifications.

Vacuum seal integrity testing is important in today’s market across many industries to ensure confidence in consumers that their product arrives with no issues. It is important not only for repeat business from consumers, but also to protect a company’s reputation. Wherever package seal integrity is critical, our Pack-Vac vacuum seal tester can be used to detect if there are any faults in the package’s seal, seam or closure before making it to production or customers.

Haug’s Pack-Vac leak detectors can be used to perform a variety of ASTM International test methods for detecting leaks and seal integrity:

• Determination of Leaks in Flexible Packaging by Bubble Emission | ASTM D3078 Standard Test Method
• Determining the Effects of High Altitude on Packaging Systems by Vacuum Method | ASTM D6653 Standard Test Methods
• Performance Testing of Shipping Containers and Systems | ASTM D4169 Standard Practice
• Leakage Testing of Empty Rigid Containers by Vacuum Method | ASTM D4991 Standard Test Method
• Gross Leakage of Liquids from Containers with Threaded or Lug-Style Closures | ASTM D5094 Standard Test Methods
• Detecting Gross Leaks in Packaging by Internal Pressurization (Bubble Test) | ASTM F2096 Standard Test Method

To learn more about Haug Quality’s package leak testing equipment give us a call today at (775) 455-4249 or reach out to us online here. For those who know exactly what equipment is needed, requesting a quote can be done online here.